100ml Walnut Oil

100ml Walnut Oil

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Made from Australian-grown Walnuts.

Walnut oil is a favourite among spoon carvers and green wood workers.  It is pale and will not change the colour of your piece.  It has a low nutty odour and flavour. It polymerises meaning that it dries leaving a lovely finish. 

For best results apply thin coats wiping off excess oil after 5 minutes and allowing it to dry between coats

Use to seal your spoons, cutting boards, kitchen utensils, timber toys, milk paints etc.

The oil will also prove an excellent conditioning agent for your tool handles and can also be used on your blades post sharpening or if you plan to store your tools for long periods of time.

Available in a 100ml recycled PET bottle with twist nozzle lid for ease of applying small amounts of oil.

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