Gomtaro Prosenti Saw 300mm

Gomtaro Prosenti Saw 300mm


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If you have Arthritic hands, the Gomatro Prosenti is the saw for you!  

The teeth on this saw are designed to do the cutting for you. You act more as a guide rather than having to use physical force pushing down on the teeth.

The saw has both large and fine teeth on the one blade making it an ideal for cutting small and large branches. It will cut sappy, dense timbers with ease and the style of tooth also cuts a larger hole than the width of the blade reducing the change of the blade getting jammed in the cut.

This saw features a rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated blade to provide fast, clean, and an extremely smooth cutting action. The blades are made out of a high carbon steel which is both strong and flexible.

The handles are made out of a special award winning rubber called GOM which makes it comfortable to hold. The rubber handle acts to absorb alot of the vibrations you get when cutting and allows for a good grip even when wet.

All parts on the Gomatro Prosenti Saw are replaceable i.e. screws, blades, and handles. If you would like to order spare parts for this saw, please contact us with your request.

Gomtaro Pro-Sentei
SKU 108-30 
Blade length:-300mm or 11.8 inches
Teeth per 30mm/in:-8+14/6.8+11.9

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