Gomtaro Large Tooth 300mm

Gomtaro Large Tooth 300mm


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A good general purpose saw that works well on a variety of timbers whether they be green or dry.  The Gomatro Large tooth is both strong and comfortable to use.

Silky saws are designed to cut on the PULL stroke rather than the push stroke like regular saws. The thin blades will not bow because they are under tension while being pulled across the surface being cut.

Silky's skilful engineering results in a fine kerf (thin blade) and minimal force is therefore needed to saw. You don't need muscle power to speed up your sawing. Let the saw do the work for you while you pull it across the wood.

This saw features a rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated blade to provide fast, clean, and an extremely smooth cutting action. The blades are made out of a high carbon steel which is both strong and flexible.

The style of tooth also cuts a larger hole in the timber than the width of the blade, therefore reducing the chance of the blade jamming in the cut. 

The blades are impulse hardened and therefore are unable to be sharpened with a hand file. The Gomtaro Large Tooth blades stay sharp much longer than a blade that is resharpened – usually about three or four sharpens of an ordinary blade.

The handles are made out of a special award winning rubber called GOM which makes it comfortable to hold. The rubber handle acts to absorb much of the vibration you get when cutting and allows for a good grip even when wet.

Includes a hold fast scabbard with roller to lock your Gomtaro in place.

All parts on the Gomatro Large Tooth Saw are replaceable i.e. screws, blades, and handles. If you would like to order spare parts for this saw, please contact us with your request.

SKU 102-30

Blade length:- 300mm or 11.8 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in:- 8/6.8

Weight:- 405g

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