Make A Folding Spoon

Make A Folding Spoon

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Make a Folding Spoon is laid out like a graphic novel with hand drawn illustrations to take you step by step the process of designing making your own traditional folding spoon.

Jane Mickelborough has been carving all her life but only discovered the joys of spoon carving from green wood in 2011.  If you haven't seen her work you should check it out on Insta @janespoons They are truly amazing.

Jane is particularly interested in the traditional spoons that used to be made in Brittany, France where she lives.  In 2017 Jane was awarded a Willie Sundquist and Bill Coperthwaite Slöjd Fellowship in recognition of, and to continue her research into Breton Spoons.  These traditionally intricately decorated spoons were often made to fold and were used at weddings and festivals where it was usual to bring your own spoon and knife.

Like many of us Jane is fascinated by the way that every spoon comes out differently depending on the timber available which means that no two spoons come out the same.  Add in a hinge and well....

Jane has taught spoon carving at Spoonfest - UK, Täljfest - Sweden, Greenwood Fest - USA, the Spoon Gathering - Milan, USA as well at home in Brittany where she and her husband Peter organise an annual green wood working festival.

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