The Woodland Axe with Sheath
The Woodland Axe with Sheath
The Woodland Axe with Sheath
The Woodland Axe with Sheath

The Woodland Axe with Sheath

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The Woodland Axe by Wood Tools UK is a great all rounder. The fine convex grind on the blade makes it the perfect axe for general axe work, cutting, carving, chopping, and splitting wood.

 Previously known as the ‘Bushcraft axe’, the axe has been refined and improved to include an extra comfy handle and an updated fit.

Coming in at 1kg weight and just under half a metre in length, the Woodland Axe falls between the Gransfors bruks small forest axe and the heavier wilderness axe making it the perfect companion on your next camping trip but is equally useful at home for splitting wood or other general use.

Just like the Robin Wood Carving axe the blades are ground then honed to a razor edge by Brian Alcock, the last full time independent grinder in Sheffield with 50 years experience. The blade is make from high carbon steel drop forged and hardened to 57 rockwell so they take and hold a keen edge. 

Quality hickory is used for the handles which are turned and left with a textured finish that means the handle won't slip out of your hand when in use. When complete they are oiled with linseed oil grown by Durwin Banks in West Sussex.

As with all our Wood Tools items the edge is very sharp and potentially dangerous therefore we have included the quality leather sheath.

Head weight: 750g / 1.7 lb
Total weight: 1050g / 2.3 lb
Length: 460mm / 18″

Textured hickory handle for grip, sealed with a coat of cold pressed linseed oil.

Reviews from Wood Tools UK

Rated 5 out of 5
Ian Baker – 23rd March 2019

What a joy to use. Robin’s Bushcraft axe is so well balanced. The handle is curved just right. The extra texture on the handle gives fantastic grip but no loss of comfort. The edge is very sharp but tough – this is what a bushcraft axe should be like. The quality for this price is exceptional – well done Robin and Jojo. Thank you.

Rated 5 out of 5
Patrick Flynn – 12th March 2019

This axe feels very well balanced and i find the textured handle a very good feature giving added grip, excellent for use in wet weather. The appearance of the handle also has a pleasing rustic look, fitting perfectly with the bushcraft theme and its plain appearance allows you to customise it to your liking. The hickory feels strong and has a very tight fit with the head, combined with the added grip gives total confidence in the tool for the task at hand. The blade is extremely sharp on delivery, chops and splits with ease, feathers sticks very well. All told an excellent bushcraft axe for a decent price and nice size for carrying in the field. Very pleased indeed with my purchase.

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