Woodboy 240mm Folding Saw
Woodboy 240mm Folding Saw

Woodboy 240mm Folding Saw


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The Woodboy is great for fine cutting across the grain.  The blade is taper ground and has a kerf of 0.76.  It has been coated to protect it from rust and resin. The teeth are non-set, fine and have been hardened to give extended life to the saw. Silky's special Mirai-Me teeth give an amazingly smooth cut.

The folding design allows the blade to fold away quickly and easily and has two locking angles. The handle is coated in Silky's award winning GOM rubber which gives exceptional grip and comfort for extended use.

SKU 386-24

Blade length:- 240mm or 9.5 inches

Weight:- 215g

Teeth per 30mm:- 26


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