At Wood Tamer we are passionate about conducting our business in a way that is sustainable as possible. We do this in a number of ways:

Packaging and Shipping

We use environmentally responsible packaging to ship our products wherever possible. The bags that our orders ship in are fully compostable and are made from cornstarch and corn waste. You can read more about their construction here.

For information on how to properly compost your bags click here.

400 bags fit into 1 medium sized bag. They take up far less space in transit on their way to us which is more fuel efficient and these bags will biodegrade quicker and better than a corn cob or avocado skin. 

We use honeycomb paper to pad out your order. It arrives in a roll of 250m which is in a box 580x20x20mm. Far far better than bubble wrap.

The clear tape we use is also plant based and compostable. We like the Kraft Paper tape but have issues with it sticking to itself and not holding the goods securely which is why we lean towards the clear tape option.

The Thermo Printer labels we use are also compostable.

All of this means that when you receive these parcels from us you can use them first to store your blanks and billets in the freezer then fill them up with your food scraps before putting them into the compost bin to be broken down by nature.

Our bags, tape and labels and the honeycomb paper comes from @heapsgoodpackaging.

Where products are sent to us with single use plastic such as bubble wrap or bags, we attempt to reuse it to package spoon blanks and for other needs and we hope that you in turn can reuse these products or recycle them.

Any cardboard boxes that are sent to us are flattened and used to repress weeds in our vegie patch or recycled.

Single Use Plastic Policy

We are committed to becoming a single use plastic free business and have actively encouraged our suppliers to follow this path. Wood-Tools UK, Stryi, Von Trott are also committed to this mission and Vintage Bird Milk paints have created plastic free packaging for their product specifically at our request. We will continue to add other names to this list as we progress and we will be applying pressure to all of our suppliers to follow our lead.

We wish to be totally transparent in regards to our sustainability policy so if you have any questions please get in touch.