Wood Tamer is proud to now offer Opinel knives and products as part of the range. The brand has a strong tradition dating back to the 1800's and the #07 knife is used by carvers worldwide. We love that these products come with minimal packaging and the design has remained unchanged for over a century.

      The Opinel knives are suitable for whittling but can also be used for far more.  The traditional #06 thru to #09 come in both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel so you can pick the option that works best for your intended use.

      Opinel make a great range of kids carving and bushcraft knives which we are really excited to carry.  We believe that it is great to teach children to use and respect knives while being fully supervised.  We feel that learning handcraft and bushcraft skills from an earlier age will set our kids up for life.


      We are always adding to the range so if there is a special offer, new product or tutorial then we'll let you know about it.