Carving Axes

Carving Axes


      Carving axes is where the real fun begins.  Once you have your chosen log ready to begin carving it is time to split it, turn it into a billet then spoon blank. Carving axes differ from your standard hardware bought hatchet in that the bevel of a carving axe is designed to slice whilst a standard hatchet is designed to split and push the wood away.

      All of our carving axes have symmetrical bevels on both sides and therefore can be used by both right and left handers.

      Unsure of which carving axe best suits your needs? Check out our Carving Axes compared article which breaks down the difference between each make or call the Wood Tamer on 0413 154 024.


      We are always adding to the range so if there is a special offer, new product or tutorial then we'll let you know about it.