Caring for your tools

We want you to get the very best out of our tools. We supply all our tools sharp and ready to use but each user will have their own way of keeping an edge on their tools.

Useful Spoon Carving Tool Care Tips:

  • Keep your tools dry. Wood Tools are made from different high carbon steels, which will rust if put away wet.
  • If your tools are kept in a humid environment give them an occasional wipe with oil. We recommend flaxseed oil for this purpose.
  • Your spoon knife handles will also benefit from an occasional wipe with oil.
  • Avoid damaging your edge in the first place. Contact with stone, metal or dirt can all damage your blade. Be sure to protect your tools with a good quality sheath. You can also make your own sheath using cardboard and gaffer tape.

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    Below are videos provided by Wood Tools UK demonstrating how they like to sharpen their axes and knives. 

    An Introduction to Tool Sharpening

    How to sharpen an axe

    Caring for your Silky Saw

    Silky Saws have put together this useful video on the best way to use and care for your Silky Saw