Kids Carving Tools

Kids Carving Tools


      We believe that it is great to teach children to use and respect knives while being fully supervised.  We feel that learning handcraft and bushcraft skills from an earlier age will set our kids up for life.

      It could be simply whittling a stick, making a featherstick, carving their own toys, making spoons and much more.  Teaching kids to use their hands for something other than using a device or gaming control and getting them outside has got to be a good thing.  

      We are witnessing a huge movement towards people wanting handmade not mass produced "stuff".  Who knows, getting your child using their hands to create something could set them on a path for their future.

      We carry a range of books to help guide you and inspire your kids in carving, creating, playing and bushcraft.


      We are always adding to the range so if there is a special offer, new product or tutorial then we'll let you know about it.