Wood Carving Tools for Beginners

Wood Carving Tools for Beginners


      To begin your wood carving journey, the Wood Tools range of carving tools is a great place to start. Their carving starter kit is highly affordable but at a level of quality that means the tools will last for years to come. If there is a little more in the budget the our Ultimate Spoon carving kits have the addition of the Stryi gouge and Gomboy plus your choice of Woodcraft and Spon which include some great carving projects to get you on your way. If budget is not a concern then you may like to consider some of the other carving axes on offer in combination with the Wood Tools Hook Knives. We also have a growing range of Australian made wood carving tools. If you ever have any questions about the best wood carving tools to get you started then feel free to get in touch via our contact page.

      Our wood carving tools come sharp and ready to use and we highly recommend taking a carving course to learn how to use them safely. 


      We are always adding to the range so if there is a special offer, new product or tutorial then we'll let you know about it.