Wood for Carving

Green Wood for Carving

We can ship green logs for making your own blanks and billets depending what is available. Click here to view what is currently in stock. Please contact us direct for further information.

Seasoned Timber Specialists

The suppliers below can help you source seasoned timber for your carving projects.

Carving and Turning Timber Sales 
Greg Hehir 
W: carvingandturningtimbersales.com.au
E: carvingandturningtimbersales@gmail.com 
M: 0426 944 924
I: @carvingandtimbersales

Creative Soul Timber
Insta: @creativesoultimber

Curly Timbers
Insta: @curlytimbers

Tasmanian Burl
Insta: @tasmanian_burl