Carving Axe Edge Geometry

Carving Axe Edge Geometry

Recently I've noticed a number of axes being sold as Carving Axes that aren't ideal for the purpose. In this video I explain why convex bevelled carving axes aren't great for carving.

In this second video I demonstrate the difference in performance between a Convex grind bevel and a Flat Over Hollow grind bevel along with brief instructions on how to turn your convex axe into a carving axe.




  • Steve Farr

    Great set of videos, easy to understand and follow, now all I need to do is decide on an axe

  • Bill Murch

    Great videos, well shown and explained. I’m not a carver – yet – but I hope to get into it soon, so this information is really useful for me, thanks.

  • Leon O'Connell

    Thanks for taking the time to put this clip together, very informative. As a lifetime knife user who has a passion for sharpening, sometimes badly and always learning, this was a good example of a micro-bevel on a knife blade. Saw a documentary once on the Australian Wood Chopping profession, the sharpness that they can get their blades to is astonishing, shaving sharp for a axe head that chops logs, i was blown away. Thanks again and good luck with your business. Regards.

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