Mora 120 vs Mora 106: What is the difference?

Mora 120 vs Mora 106: What is the difference?

The Mora 106 and Mora 120 Sloyd knives are two of the most popular knives in the Mora family of knives. They are both designed for woodworking, carving, and other precision cutting tasks. However, there are some key differences between the two knives that should be considered when selecting the best Mora knife for your needs. The first difference between the Mora 106 and Mora 120 Sloyd knives is the blade length. The Mora 106 has a blade length of 81 millimetres, while the Mora 120 has a blade length of 65 millimetres. This additional length of the Mora 106 can make it easier to handle longer cutting strokes in a single run while the shorter blade of the Mora 120 may be less daunting for some users or agile where a shorter blade is needed.

Both knives have their widest point at the heel of the blade (the edge closest to the handle).  This widest point is 17mm on both knives therefore resulting in a longer transition from tip to heel in the Mora 106 being the longer blade.  The Mora 106 has a flat edge from about halfway down the blade right thru to the heel.  The Mora 120 has a rounded belly from tip to heel with no flat section.

The handles on both knives are the same oiled birch timber and the same shape.  They will sit comfortably in most people's hands but part of the idea behind the design of these handles is that they can be altered to fit the user's hand.  We recommend using it in its out of the box state first to see how it feels.  Generally a larger handle is less fatiguing as you don't need to grip it too tightly. 

Also being plain birch means that it is easy to decorate and personalise.  Milk Paint it, carve it, scorch it, your imagination is the only limitation.  We would recommend wrapping the blade in masking tape or similar to help keep you safe while you customise the handle.

When selecting the best Mora knife for your needs, it is important to consider the differences between the Mora 106 and Mora 120 Sloyd knives. The blade length and shape make a difference on how it will work for you. Ultimately both knives are excellent choices for woodworking and carving and can be used to create beautiful pieces of art.

If you think that there are any other differences we should note please mention them in the comments below.

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  • Ian Halliday

    Hi, is the 106 model supplied with a pouch like the 120?

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