Our Carving Axes Compared

Our Carving Axes Compared

If you are looking for a carving axe in Australia you have come to the right place. We stock a range of carving axes and each has its benefits. If you are not sure which is the right carving axe for you then read on as we break down the difference between each. If you are still unsure which carving axe is for you then feel free to contact us for some personalised advice. 

The Robin Wood Carving Axe 
$145 AUD

This is one of our best selling carving axes, and with good reason. The Robin Wood carving axe is the perfect entry level axe and one of the most affordable on the market. The axe was developed by seasoned carver Robin Wood alongside his daughter Jo Jo Wood who found other carving axes left her arms tired. The lighter weight reduces fatigue but the axe is heavy enough to make quick and accurate cuts. It also comes razor sharp and ready to use.

Robin Wood Carving Axe

Axe head weight: 550g
Total weight:720g
Handle length: 31cm
Handle material: Roughened Hickory
Bevel: 30 degrees
Steel: Carbon Steel
Make: Drop forged then honed by hand in Sheffield UK
Leather Sheath: Optional

Josh Burrell Small Carving Axe
$350 AUD

Make by respected UK blacksmith Josh Burrell, this small carving axe is ideal for fine carving work. This axe comes without a sheath but one can be made on request. The axe head is hand forged and honed to a high quality finish. The handle the Josh Burrell Small Carving axe is finer than other axes in our range so would suit smaller hands. 

Josh Burrell Carving Axe

Axe head weight: 600g
Total weight: 720g
Handle length: 31.5cm
Blade: 11cm

Steel: Carbon steel
Hand Forged and finished
Handle material: Ash
Leather Sheath: No

Julia Kalthoff Small Carver Axe  
$365 AUD

The second of our carving axes to be designed by a female carver, the Julia Kalthoff small carver axe remains one of our more popular offerings. This axe is similar in specification to the Robin Wood Carving Axe however it features a higher level of finish and the more ergonomic handle makes for a more comfortable carving experience. The axe is beautifully balanced, it is nimble and light, perfect for spoon carving and comes with its own leather sheath and lifetime guarantee.

Julia Kalthoff Small Carver Axe

Axe head weight: 550 g
Total weight: 710g
Handle length: 30cm
Bevel: 30-32 degrees
Steel: Swedish steel. Alloyed with carbon, molybdenum, chrome, and vanadium
Forging: Die forged in hammer press, hand finished
Handle material: Swedish ash
Leather Sheath: Included


Wood Tamer x Farmers Forge 860 Carving Axe  
$435 AUD

A relative newcomer to the market the Wood Tamer x Farmers Forge 860 is proudly designed and made here in Australia. The total weight of the axe is heavier than our other offerings but it can deliver a lot of power even with controlled cuts. The additional weight means gravity assists with the cutting action. It is perfectly balanced and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. In our opinion this is a very well priced carving axe for the level of craftsmanship and finish.

Wood Tamer and Farmers Forge Carving Axe

Head Weight: 560grams
Total Weight: 860grams
Handle Length: 33cm
Cutting Edge: 11cm
Bevel: 30 degrees inclusive hollow grind
Steel: 5160 steel (excellent edge retention)
Forging: Hand forged and honed
Handle: Australian Spotted Gum faceted for improved grip.
Leather Sheath: Included

Carving Axe Alternatives

Fadir Stock Knife Carving Axe Alternative

There are a couple of options if you aren't comfortable with using one of the carving axes above. A stock knife is a tool that is fixed to your workbench and allows for controlled cuts and uses a lever action to distribute the force.

Another carving axe alternative that has recently come to our attention is the Mentsukito Carving Knife that uses your body weight to roughly shape out blanks. It gives you the power of an axe but you can manage a great deal of control and accuracy. Head over to the product page for a video demonstration on how this knife can work as a handy carving axe substitute.


What about you? Which is your preferred carving axe and why? Are there any pros or cons in any of the axes listed above that you would like to share in the comments below? As always we would love to hear what you think.


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