EASy Saw Cleaner
EASy Saw Cleaner

EASy Saw Cleaner

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The Sap from Australian trees is very acidic. It is important to care for your Silky Saws or they will rust. 

Use EASy saw cleaner to clean your Silky Saws, prevent rust and stop the spread of disease. Use it to easily remove resin deposits and keep your saw looking pristine.

Spray EASy Saw Cleaner on your saw blade between cuts to prevent the spread of disease. You should also spray this cleaner on at the end of the day to clean your saw, before spraying a lubricant to protect the blade. 

As an added bonus this spray kills mould and mould spores and germs and being all natural you can even use it in your home.

EASy Saw Cleaner is also great to spray on any surface that may be contaminated with germs including bacteria or mould. Simply spray on the affected area and leave for 2 hours. Then clean the area safely without further spreading any mould spores. 

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