Virtual Carvers Markets

Virtual Carvers Market

As many of you are currently unable to sell your green wood carving creations at local markets we thought we would setup a virtual marketplace where makers can promote their websites/etsy stores etc.

If you would like to be featured on this page please send your name, instagram handle, store link, country and one line describing what you do via our contact page.

Stirring Stuff - Bradley van Luyt 

Carving woody weeds cut from the bush, I use craft to reacquaint people with their environment. Follow me on Instagram @bvanluyt. 

Wollundry Woodcrafts NSW

I carve spoons and spatulas, made to order, from air dried timber. Please message me on Instagram.  

Little Bear Sloyd

Hand carved spoons, spatulas, spreaders and hair combs made in WA. 

Polly Boyer
I carve spoons, bowls and kuksas. PM me and we will go from there.

The Leura Bodger
Pole-lathe greenwood turner, spoon/bowl carver and furniture maker.

Erik Sipiczki
I carve spoons and listen to horrible music in my spare time. Blue Mountains, NSW. Happy to sell/trade the things I make, DM.

Matt Eliason AKA Spoonguy.AU 
I create wooden spoons and other small carvings from locally rescued timber. Every spoon is different as I don't work to patterns.